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LightBringer is a security & protection service which allows you to be monitored and protected by simply wearing a device connected to a smartphone.



LightBringer can be strategically adopted by private security companies and Departments of Defence, mining and extractive industries as well as energy industries, insurance companies, tracking companies, logistic organizations, NGOs, healthcare industries, public transport companies, but also it is a product which gives all of us the chance to protect our loved ones, our children, the older people and the people with disabilities; it is a protection available for everyone, every day.



Being under threat, working in dangerous places, travelling abroad, performing strenuous tasks, no longer has to be stressful: the Operations Centre + App watch over you, monitoring your health conditions and alerting operators who are trained to handle the emergency situation at hand. 


LightBringer can monitor several biometric parameters in real time and throughout the day. In according to these measurements it can rapidly recognise and manage potential situations of risk and, if necessary, it can automatically trigger a prompt intervention.


We give what no one else provides: 


A wearable device + App which will give you peace of mind, which will save your life if necessary. In those situations when the rescue time can be vital, instantly triggering an alarm when the algorithms of LB identify situations of risk to health.

• It is a 24/7 service

• The operator will answer in the client's language (at the moment available English, Spanish and Italian)

• The service is effective and it works worldwide

• The alarm is detected automatically by the Operations Centre

• The emergency management is operated end-to-end

• The false alarms are verified

• It is designed to facilitate rescue operations

• It is designed to transmit to the rescuers some fundamental information (blood group, allergies, pathologies, eventual medicines needed), always respecting the privacy of the users



The bracelet will monitor and collect the biometric values through the sensors, communicate with smartphones, the dedicated station and the control room. 

• sensors continuously read your physical stats without ever switching off 

• 240 readings every single minute, 24 hours a day 

• highly accurate and precise data  

• the materials used to manufacture the bracelet comply with the standards applied to surgical medical devices 

• the bracelet is fully automatic

• provided with a panic button (in case of an emergency you will be able to alert the rescue teams by pushing the button)

• real-time surveillance

• Independent and immediate Intervention

• 24 hours a day

• 365 days a year

• very simple to use

• no user action required

• detecting if you are a victim of an assault

• ensures valuable self-protection


• it is capable of detecting physical and mental tension due to an aggression, at home or outside, intervening in real time to alert the emergency services.

• The sensors monitor the levels of stress that may occur during a robbery or an illness and LB automatically alerts the Operations Centre and calls for help to provide assistance anywhere.

• No contraindications: the wearable sensors are suitable for everyone, even children, elderly people and pregnant women.

• in case of illness the alarms are instantaneous

• LB helps protect and safeguard your loved ones by monitoring their health and well-being. 

• EASY, SAFE, ALWAYS WITH YOU, LB, thanks to its several sensors, is able to access stress levels and track the route taken by the person being monitored in real time, so that if intervention proves necessary, it is available to the emergency in progress.


Device Specifications

• Battery life 5 days

• Medical grade sensors

o heartbeat with beat-to-beat detection

o skin surface temperature (0 ° C - 50 ° C)

o proximity

o detection of accidents and falls automatic switch

• Non allergenic medical grade

• Panic button

• Water resistant - IP67


The LightBringer application on the smartphone (Android and [w1] iOS) and the bracelet work in synergy, with mobile data or WiFi active.


LightBringer protects the privacy of the customers, it protects the personal data from accidental loss or theft, deleting them from the smartphone and saving them encrypted on the server.


LightBringer can help people in extreme situations when a few seconds can make a difference. 

It will show the most important information for the rescue, such as blood group, medicines needed by the users, allergies or intolerances. This information can also be appropriately used by the trained professionals of the Operations Centre to solve any emergency.




LightBringer protects your privacy with great care and attention. 

The data will be used exclusively in case of an emergency to inform the rescue, and it will never be disclosed or used for other purposes. 

The data forwarded to the Operations Centre are encrypted and stored and automatically removed from the smartphone in order to protect privacy in case of theft or loss of the device.




LightBringer independently alert the Operations Centre. 

Localization of the user: in case of an emergency, whether the user is moving or is still, it is very important to know the exact place where he is and the route to be taken to reach him. LB can transmit all this data in real time and with great precision.


The device will show which sensors sent the alarm, if the alert is caused by a fall, a collapse, a fainting episode, if an accident occurred or if there are anomalies in the heart rate, permitting in this way a prompt intervention and the chance to save a life!