MPSS & GENI-AX and LightBringer declare war on death! 

Our Artificial Intelligence will save the lives of millions of people!



As of today, 07 September 2017, we are delighted to announce the news that MPSS & GENI-AX, a multinational supplier of military and civil technology and technical-tactical-logistical support services to governmental organisations from around the world, authorised and supported by the ZEC (Special Canary Islands Zone, Canary Government, European Community), has signed, in the offices of the ZEC in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), in the presence of Olga Martín Pascual, Director of ZEC, a worldwide exclusive contract for the management and commercialisation of an international patent, an artificial intelligence device that will save the lives of millions of users.

The people in charge of issuing this statement on behalf of MPSS & GENI-AX are Manrico Erriu and Saverio Ciampi, top executives of the company. A truly strong workforce made up of engineers, developers, researchers, and experts in complex project management, communication and business strategy, born from the merger between MPSS & GENI-AX and LightBringer, the company that owns the patent.

The Head of the Engineering and Technology Division of MPSS & GENI-AX will be Massimiliano Garruzzo, engineer inventor of the device and president of LightBringer. The product was developed and manufactured in Silicon Valley, California by a brilliant team comprising excellent engineers and developers led by Massimiliano Garruzzo.

The data is alarming: 18 million deaths worldwide each year are due to heart disease and stroke, one third of deaths worldwide, according to a new scientific study that has performed research for each country over the past 25 years. This figure does not include deaths associated with victims of violent crimes, as well as victims of domestic or motor vehicle accidents.

In the picture starting from the right: Manrico Erriu (Top Executive of MPSS & GENI-AX), Saverio Ciampi (Top  Executive of MPSS & GENI-AX), Olga Martin Pascual (Director of ZEC), Massimiliano Garruzzo (Inventor Engineer LightBringer), Octavio Cabrera Toste (Lawyer and Tax Advisor, ZEC), Letizia Ferrari (Lawyer of Studio Cabrera).

Danger as Manrico Erriu reported, is, by its very nature, unpredictable and appears suddenly by cutting off all avenues or services that allow the person in question to perceive the danger and activate an app, press a button, or simply take action, making it, 99.9% of the time, impossible to respond adequately when under attack or suffering a heart attack, even after an accident.

LIGHTBRINGER DOES IT ALL ON ITS OWN! The difference is down to the artificial intelligence engine that continuously processes the relevant data detected by the wearable device and can sense if something is wrong.



It works quietly and discreetly, but to let you know it is there, from time to time it notifies you with some of the data gathered, such as steps taken or calories expended, meaning that it can also be a buddy helping you to stay active.


Objective of the Task Force: To save as many lives as possible around the world.

Most people do not die immediately after a heart attack, stroke, violent assault, domestic accident, or car accident. So, it is possible to survive if there is an immediate intervention; in that case, the chances of survival are very high.

Most deaths occur because first responders are called too late or not at all.

Heart attacks and strokes can affect people of any age, even young people who appear perfectly healthy.

LIGHTBRINGER can, in most cases, identify the symptoms themselves, as well as serious deficiencies in biometric data that may reveal other serious pathologies, but even if symptoms are mild or absent, it will automatically activate an emergency protocol when necessary, rapidly sending rescue workers by means of the operational hub connected to the device, without the user having to take any action.

LIGHTBRINGER is an innovative system that is able to receive biometric data from the user. The artificial intelligence that drives it reacts immediately to emergencies by activating the distress call when necessary.

Conceived and designed to protect people in their daily lives, it takes care of us and our loved ones - a silent guardian angel.

LIGHTBRINGER is a 24/7 protection service that allows you to be monitored and protected simply by using a device connected to a smartphone.

Immediate assistance is crucial in many life-threatening situations. Automatically activated interventions are the future.


        The secret lies in the artificial intelligence engine, which sets it apart from all

        other systems on the market today!    

When a sensor in the wearable device detects an alarm, the Artificial Intelligence takes just 60 seconds to decide whether it is a real or false alarm and, in case of a real alarm, it contacts the operational hub, staffed by highly trained professionals with expertise in what intervention and assistance is required, who can then send the appropriate emergency response service (police, ambulance, firefighters, etc.). Everything is done in real time.

The owner of the device does not have to do anything at all, because the Artificial Intelligence operates independently, detecting alterations in biometric characteristics that can develop into heart attacks or serious symptoms of other diseases, falls, attacks, accidents, or other potentially life-threatening conditions.

MPSS & GENI-AX and LightBringer are proud to jointly open the new research and development centre on these magnificent islands and thank the ZEC Presidency (Canary Government, European Community) for all the help and support they have received. The new research and development centre based in the Canary Islands will work in synergy with the active development centre in California, Silicon Valley.

        The working group will immediately take action to make the world understand that  

        today, a real and effective solution has been found to meet the need to protect our

        children, parents, and ourselves.    


        Manrico Erriu says: we are facing a Revolution!